Find the right accommodation in Essaouira, Morocco for you & your friends. Choose from hotels, private apartments and riad accommodation in Morocco with Explora.

Accommodation in Morocco, Essaouira

Finding the right accommodation in Morocco, Essaouira that can accommodate you and your group and keep you close enough to the shore is made all the more easier by Explora Morocco. Not only do we provide lessons and equipment for a number of watersport and extreme sport endeavors, we can also help you to find the right place to rest your head after the days’ excursions.

Essaouira is blessed with a variety of places to stay whilst you are enjoying some kitesurfing in Morocco or horse riding trips in Morocco  and, depending on your group size, there are certain to be places to rest and recuperate.

Accommodation Tailored to Your Requirements

At Explora we can choose from private apartments, three and five star hotels and Riad accommodation.

The Riad accommodation is particularly popular because of its authentic Moroccan essence. This kind of accommodation in Morocco is a traditional house or palace built with an interior garden. Their ability to stoke a community vibe has made them popular for surfers and kitesurfers staying in Essaouira.

If you want a little more privacy from your accommodation in Morocco then one of the private apartments are ideal. For those in the group feeling a little flush or can stretch the budget to five stars then there are plenty of elegant hotels to relax in. Remember, often your money can go a lot further in Morocco so you might be able to treat yourself to that luxury accommodation.

A Place to Rest Your Head

Yet for most people, the accommodation in Morocco is merely a place to stay as the beach and sea calls during the daytime. When there is a big group, finding somewhere that is simple yet convenient enough will suit most extreme sport enthusiasts.

Therefore, at Explora we pride ourselves on finding you the right accommodation in Morocco.

To find the perfect accommodation in Morocco get in touch today.