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Let's go kiting in Dakhla

Dakhla has become one of the popular spots to learn kitesurfing due to the amazing conditions it offers nearly all year round.

There are more than 300 windy days a year, an endless lagoon which offers flat warm water. It is warm and sunny between 22 to 35 degrees, therefore pretty much a spot on place if you want to kite and relax.

Push your kitesurf skills in Dakhla Morocco
Learn how to kitesurf in Dakhla Morocco
Strapless kiteboarding in Dakhla Morocco

Understanding the Kitesurfing Stages

How to start kiting in no time

1 Fly the kite

Learning the essential of how you fly a kite, the safety and how to launch and land your kite. We then move onto moving your kite in and out of the power zone.

2 Moving yourself through the water

This is called body dragging, understand how you can use the kite to propel yourself through the water. Mastering downwind and upwind body dragging as well as one handed body dragging.

3 Introducing the Board

The waterstart, learning how to get up and ride the board over a few metres, how you keep moving the kite to extend your ride downwind.

4 Improve your stance and posture

Progression honing your kitesurfing style, riding upwind, transition turns and first pops leading to jumps.

Instructor teaching kitesurf basics on the beach
Instructor showing how to feel and fly a kite
You fly the kite alone with a kitesurf instructor
Learn to kitesurf body drag

Kitesurf Pricing Lessons / Rentals / Storage

Lessons Learn to kite

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Rentals Equipment rentals


Kitesurf Lessons Types

We run 3 types of lessons

A Group

Group kite lessons are not common in Dakhla as most of our lessons are semi private or private. The group lessons are a maximum of 4 people you have to share the equipment for safety reasons, so two sets of equipment for the four of you.

B Semi-Private

Semi private kite lessons are the standard lessons in Dakhla. This means there will be two of you with an instructor each with your own equipment.

C Private

Private kite lessons means it is just you and the instructor this enables the lessons to be 100% tailored to you and therefore you progress at your speed.

Dakhla Kitesurf Spots

#spots Dakhla offers amazing kite spots based on your type of riding, we do trips daily to the lagoon or ocean spot depending on where you are staying as well as Dragon island or the White Dunes.

Here are Dakhla main spots We organise daily tours

The Lagoon

A 45 kilometer lagoon which means it is basically huge and feels endless. The lagoon works on all tides although you might have to walk a bit further on low tide to get to the waters edge. For beginners high tide is better as you then have a bigger area you can stand in as the middle of the lagoon is deep. The water is warm but the wind can bring the temperature down.

The Speed Spot

This is a butter flat water spot downwind on the lagoon, if you want to know what flat water looks like head here, the perfect place to land a trick for the first time. This works best on high tide. We run downwinder trips here most days.

The White Dunes

An amazing place to kite at high tide when the small lagoon is full, if you are advanced kiter and brave enough you can jump from the top of the dunes to the ocean. We run downwinder trips here most days, the trip takes around 2 hours and we have seen dolphins a few times when doing this trip.

Lassarga: Wave Spot

Lassarga is a fishing village located in the extreme south of the Dakhla peninsula, the spot between the lagoon and the ocean. The wind here is totally offshore which creates perfect waves and a great spot for Ocean Vagabond Lassarga