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Easily the most well-known of watersports, surfing really has made a home for itself in Essaouria. The year-round sunshine and consistently good waves have ensured it’s not only surfers from around the world who’ve accepted the area as their Moroccan home-from-home, but various international surfing competitions also return each year to her sunny shores for the perfect surf.
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Whilst the conditions at Essaouira Bay provide great all-round surf for beginners and intermediates, those seeking to explore the other spots we run regular trips to many nearby beaches where world-class waves can be found.

Local Surfing Trips


The Cave, as it’s locally known, is hands-down as good as it gets for extreme surf, and for the more self-conscious beginners, trips to quieter beaches like Sidi Kaouki can be just what you need for those first few forays onto the waves.


Surf trips to both of these beaches don’t take long to reach; possibly why they are so popular with people staying in Essaouira. The Cave also offers surfing well into the evening, a rarity as the conditions elsewhere generally subside.

The one day surf trip includes all your equipment, transport and lunch as well as having an expert on hand for any hints and tips for the spot and your surf style.

Surfing Trips Further Away


For a surf trip a little further away, Imessouane is a great place to go. Whilst it is roughly 100km from Essaouira, it provides access to a couple of great surf spots, perfect for all levels of surfing.


The Cathedral is a popular area for surfing, especially because of the reef. It is good at high tide or mid-high tide when the swell is less than 5/6 feet.


Over at the Bay, which is the most popular spot in Imessouane, the surf is calmer, making it ideal for beginners.


The two and three day surf trips take in the best spots in the surrounding area and include your transport, riad accommodation and all your food, as well as your equipment. An instructor is always with you to offer any hints and tips you might need as well


From selecting a suitable board at our Kite & Surf centre on the beach, getting you used to balancing on the water and riding your first wave, through to improving your surf skills and manoeuvres our team of fully-trained instructors will be on hand every step of the way to ensure you get the most out of your time in Essaouria.


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