Why Are Horse Riding Trips in Morocco so Popular?

There are few things more traditional than horse riding trips in Essaouira, Morocco. Yet what makes them so popular and why are more people partaking in the traditional pastime?

Much of the popularity of horse riding trips in Morocco stems from the diverse and rugged terrain that provides ample inspiration for numerous adventures. It also offers visitors to the country a chance to enjoy a leisurely yet unique way of seeing Morocco.

Three Day Horse Riding Trips in Morocco

The sense of adventure that can be felt as you gallop across the shores or through the open expanse of the land has led to horse riding trips in Morocco lasting a full day, two days and even three days.

With a range of options to choose from, with Explora Watersports you can either take a horse out for the afternoon, cantering across the coast or you could plump for one of their two or three day adventures.

Explora’s ranch is located just outside of Essaouira and is run by local horse experts. Their expertise when it comes to horses as well as the Moroccan countryside is unrivalled and will ensure that you get the most out of your horse riding trip in Morocco.

Beautiful Scenery for Horse Riding Trips in Morocco

Essaouira and its popular beach attract throngs of visitors each year but the area also benefits from having some excellent scenery. Nearby Sidi Kaouki is also popular for horse riding trips in Morocco. The hilly nature of the area around Essaouira means there is no shortage of places to explore and discover.

If you are unaccustomed with horse riding but enticed by its relaxing and adventurous nature then beginners can also benefit from lessons at Explora. Before any trek begins a short introductory tutorial is offered so that all riders feel comfortable on a horse.

With a range of horse riding trips in Morocco  available with Explora Watersports there is little wonder that it is becoming such a popular activity.