Kitesurfing in Morocco

There are very few other places in the world where you can almost guarantee perfect constant wind condition whilst still absorbing the sun’s rays. This is why kitesurfing in Morocco has always been popular with the extreme sports community.

The resort of Essaouira has almost become synonymous with kitesurfing what with its 25-35 knots wind speed in peak conditions and network of surfer shops and bars vying for your attention.

Discover the Community Whilst Kitesurfing in Morocco

Yes the wind is an obvious attraction but the community atmosphere that permeates through the resort can be credited with keeping kitesurfers returning to the area on a regular basis. In fact kitesurfing in Morocco has become so popular with some people they have moved there and are now central to this vibrant community.

By day and as the sun shines on Essaouira’s pristine beach, kites of different sizes and colours wave to the shore as they propel riders across the sea and through the air. This creates a lively collage of colour for the watching crowds lounging on the sand.

From the cafes and bars that overlook the beachfront beginners and pros discuss moves, top spots and you’ll find some of the veterans regaling others about their exploits. It all adds up to a sociable community whose passion for kitesurfing in Morocco unites them.


Perfect Tricks and Jumps Whilst Kitesurfing in Morocco

As for the kitesurfing itself, well what can we say – it is amongst the best in the world. To start with the beach is one of the largest on Morocco where not only kitesurfers arrive but also other watersport enthusiasts like surfers and windsurfers.

The winds sweep across the beach creating enough drag and power to really perfect jumps, Jesus walks and other such amazing tricks. Plus, you will also find plenty of places to hire equipment or take in a lesson to refine your skills.

Discovering kitesurfing in Morocco is to discover its spiritual home. Book a session or get more information online today.