Why Get Kitesurfing Lessons in Morocco?

The long and the short of it is the wind! This is why kitesurfing lessons in Morocco are so popular. It may be true that there are many perfectly suited beaches littered across the globe but few have an abundance of kitesurfing’s main necessity quite like Essaouira, Morocco.

The strong cross winds that whip around the shores of Essaouira on the western coast of Morocco are perfect for kitesurfers who want to score some serious air-time and perfect their moves.

This is also why kitesurfing lessons in Morocco are the ideal place to launch your kitesurfing adventure – you don’t have to worry about having enough wind, just mastering kitesurfing!

All Day Kitesurfing Lessons in Morocco – It’s Spiritual Home

Essaouira is known as the ‘windy city’ of Africa and its vast stretches of beach and cool seas are the perfect playground for kitesurfers.

Because the wind gets up to 25-35 knots in the summer and still records 20-30 knots in the down time of winter, there is a guarantee that you will get value for your money, whether you book 2 hours or 10 hours of kitesurfing lessons (link to Kitesurfing Lessons content page) in Morocco.

For the inexperienced kitesurfing enthusiasts who book a week of lessons they can relax in accommodation in Morocco (link to Accommodation in Morocco content page) surrounded by the spirit of the sport. You will also find it is the home of the Kiteboard World Cup!

Discover a Community of Enthusiasts during Kitesurfing Lessons in Morocco

A number of surf shops, cafes and bars rub shoulders on the waterfront and attract a veritable network of kitesurfing fans. The community of enthusiasts will often help those who are starting out on kitesurfing lessons in Morocco with tips and hints and you can take to the water with groups of like-minded people.

With a number of kitesurfing lessons in Morocco available with Explora Watersports and the near certainty of good wind coverage it is the perfect place to begin your adventures with the sport.

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