Get Inspired With Kitesurfing Lessons

It looks exhilarating, it looks exciting but it’s not as straightforward as some of the pros make it look. However, with kitesurfing lessons from Explora Watersports you could soon be gliding across the waves.

At Explora Watersports they classify kitesurfing lessons in five categories and offer a number of packages to accommodate these varying levels of difficulty.

Getting Started With Kitesurfing Lessons

It sounds unlikely for such an adrenaline driven sport but there is a small amount of theory that you will need to get to grips with initially. Don’t worry though; you won’t have your head in the books, instead learning first-hand in the great outdoors from the experts.

Understanding things like the wind window and how to break and control a kite is all part of level one kitesurfing lessons and essential to be able to get started. You will also take to the air with a two-line kite in a bid to appreciate these factors.

Stepping up to levels two and three will see you take control of the four-line kites and move the kite in and out of the power zone, Once you have mastered this, into the water you go for Body dragging controlling the kite in and out of the power zone and moving in the direction you want to go. We then introduce the board as you learn how to water start and experience your first ride as you connect with the wind and take to the open waters and experience downwind riding. With Explora Watersports, these first three levels can be achieved in a ten hour session.

Don’t Forget Your Sun Cream and Sunglasses on Your Kitesurfing Lessons

To tackle the higher levels there are a number of packages like two hour or six hour group or private sessions.

As well as learning from IKO and VDWS qualified instructors you can make the most of brand-new equipment on your kitesurfing lessons from Explora. In fact, all you need to bring to your kitesurfing lessons is yourself, a towel, some swimwear and sun cream. You might also want to bring some sunglasses to your first lessons because much of the time will be spent gazing into the sun-drench skies in Essaouira.

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