Discover More of Morocco with Mountain Bike Hire in Essaouira

When you think of extreme sports and Morocco your attention is naturally pulled towards the sea and images of kitesurfers, windsurfers and surfers flashing across the waters. Yet there is more to it than that, especially with mountain bike hire in Essaouira.

A rugged and barren terrain that makes up large parts of the country is the perfect playground for some biking around Morocco and Essaouira is the ideal base.

Adventure Along the Best Routes with Mountain Bike Hire in Essaouira

The landscape of Morocco is full of character, as if etched by the world’s greatest architects, which is why so many visitors reject the car in favour of some adventure on two wheels.

The high climbs can be quite gruelling but the rewards make it worthwhile. From high vistas you can marvel at the breathtaking scenery before enjoying an exhilarating descent down the dirt tracks.

The glorious weather in Essaouira also helps to illuminate the many charms of the landscape that is vast and rich with activity.

Get the Right Equipment and Advice

Explora’s mountain bike hire in Essaouria ensures that you have the best in equipment as well as a wealth of tips to shape your adventures into the countryside.

Because the team at Explora know the area well they are perfectly positioned to advise you on the best places to go depending on what you want to achieve from your adventures. If you are apprehensive about biking out on your own then you could take a guide with you who will ensure your get the most from your experience.

Mountain bike hire in Essaouira from Explora Watersports allows you to enjoy the bikes for the full day so you can enjoy your adventures at your own pace and discover the places you want to see.

You can learn more about mountain bike hire in Essaouira from the Explora team so get in touch