Yoga & Water Sports in Essaouira

Kick off your day with a morning yoga session!

Good morning session, @doystra

Yoga and water sports go together like sand and saltwater!

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Explora Watersports 21 Apr, 2017

Everyone who have have spent some time on the water already knows that water sports take a lot of energy and strength from your entire body.

And when there are amazing good days of surf, yoga will stretch your body out after a session and help to avoid neck, shoulder, back stiffness and sour muscles.

It is no surprise that professional surfers advise you to stretch out your body after a session.

Whether you are a surf dude or a surf babe there are multiply reasons that yoga will make your skills better on the water.

What our yoga teacher Hana says about yoga and water sports:

”It’s wonderful teaching surfers and kite surfers yoga as they already understand the basic physical and mental principles: strength and flexibility, focus and breathing into the moment…”

1. It will help you to relax and release tension in the muscles.
who doesn’t want tension release in their body? Yoga helps you to relax your body and move more easy and fluently. It will help you to recover faster from aches of exercise, so more time to have fun on the water!

2. Improved balance.
Many yoga poses involve balance, which is essential for surfing. The better your balance, the longer you will spend on the board riding the wave !

3. Yoga helps to increase core strength and overall flexibility.
Increasing your core strength and flexibility results in better balance, more strength and more power. Without a strong core, your overall ability and stamina will be reduced.

4. It helps you sleep better.
Quality sleep means more energy in the water and faster muscle recovery.

But for a good sleep, we can also recommend you a cold local beer while you watch a impressive sunset…