Experience the Rush of Quad Biking in Essaouira

If you like speed and you like getting your hands dirty then quad biking trips in Essaouira are definitely for you. The organised excursions by Explora offer you the chance to experience and witness something very different during your sojourn. Quad biking trips in Essaouira are the full-throttle way to discover the landscape!

Swap the Relaxation for Adventure with Quad Biking Trips in Essaouira

Yes, relaxing on the beautiful beaches that hug the coast around Essaouira is an appealing thought and you are likely to spend quite a bit of time there. However, if you want an injection of adventure and the thrill of a ride then taking a quad biking trip in Essaouira is certain to do that.

Granted this isn’t the most conventional way to discover the many charms of Morocco’s landscape but what it does afford you is an exhilarating day of adventure. At Explora Watersports we have a number of trips available including half days and full days.

If you are new to quad biking or you’re not confident enough to take on the bigger trips then there are one and two hour sessions where you can brush up on the basics. The dunes are an ideal place to begin your quad biking experience as they are fairly easy to master but offer enough of a challenge to get you hooked.

Share the Experience with a Friend

Quad biking is seen by many as a solo activity but twin quads make it possible for you to tackle the terrain with a friend. Quad biking trips in Morocco with Explora are usually done as a group so you can enjoy the banter with other thrill seekers.

You can learn more about quad biking trips in Essaouira from the Explora team so get in touch today.