Why Get Surf Lessons in Morocco?

Watching surfers glide across the seas, riding the lip of the wave as it breaks, looks so graceful with their balance and guile and it definitely gets the adrenaline pumping. Mastering the waves can take a while, but having surf lessons in Morocco especially in Essaouria is a great place to start, as the waves are small and slow so it gives you the time to pop to your feet.

There are few better surfers’ playgrounds in the world than the sun-kissed shores of Essaouira, where the wind and ground swell from the Atlantic whip up some sizeable waves, for surfing lessons in Morocco. Every day the Explora Watersports team is down on the beach imparting their wisdom on the latest group to be captivated by the slick nature of the extreme sport.

Take Your Surf Lessons in Morocco at Your Own Pace

There are a number of options available for the eager new-comer taking surfing lessons in Morocco. The large beach in Essaouira provides ample space to learn about balance, take off and optimum position on the board before you take to the water for your first practise of the real thing.

Most of these basics are covered in a typical two hour session. Some people like to make a full day of it which makes six hour slots useful. Here you can learn the basics before taking your board out onto the open waves.

The waters that lap the shore are generally quite warm during peak season so you don’t have to worry about the inevitable falls!

Get Involved in the Surfers Community

For the more established surfers and those foolhardy quick learners, Explora Watersports also organise regular surf trips to Sidi Kaouki, The Cave, Imsouane and Taghazout, where you can cut your skills against some serious surf!

When the sun escapes beyond the horizon and evening rolls in, it is time to swap the wetsuits for your strides or boardies and head to the many bars and surf cafes in the area. This is another reason why surfing lessons in Morocco are so popular – not only do you pick up the skills of an exhilarating sport but you are also inducted into its unofficial club.

So what are you waiting for? Book your surfing lessons in Morocco today to join the community and master the waves.