Where to go Surfing in Morocco

The coast of Morocco is littered with beautiful beaches that provide the perfect promenade to the open waters of the Atlantic. The temperate climate also whips up constant winds which brings some sizeable waves with it. Do you need any more reasons to go surfing in Morocco? Okay, what about the growing community that regularly congregates on the shores?

Morocco, and in particular Essaouira on the western coast of the country has become a haven for the surfing community. Its beach and those nearby have been pivotal to the rise of surfing in Morocco. So where are the best places to go surfing in Morocco?

Essaouira Beach

This is considered to be the perfect beach for beginners to master the waves. The soft sand sweeps 180 degrees around the bay and is protected by the Isle of Mogador. The two ends of the beach, marked by the lighthouse and the port, are usually where you will find the smaller waves (near the lighthouse side) and larger ones (near the port).

Safi Beach

As far as surfing in Morocco goes, this is one of the best beaches. On the other side of the bay of Essaouira lie two popular spots where a mild to high tide offers optimum conditions for the more experienced. Unlike Essaouira beach, the beach is a mix of soft sand and shingle.

Sidi Kaouki

The long, thin stretch of soft sand that attracts a swarm of people to Sidi Kaouki beach is bettered only by the cool waters that are alive with surfers gliding across the waves. When the tide is high and the wind is light the long waves undulate across the shore – perfect for surfing in Morocco.

The Cave/La Grotte

Ten miles out from Essaouira beach is the Cave or as it is known locally – La Grotte. This is where you’ll find the biggest waves whilst surfing in Morocco. It is in a rather secluded spot so you can make the most of sharing this nugget of coast with other surfers.

Additionally, swell size is at its lowest during July and August and peaks in January, February, March, April, November and December.

So with a litany of places to enjoy your surfing in Morocco , find out how Explora can help you start the experience of a lifetime.