Which Beach is Best for Surfing Lessons in Essaouira?

Learning to surf is one of the most rewarding activities holidaymakers could undertake. Morocco is also one of the best places to start your surfing adventure. The country has developed a favourable reputation as a leading surfing destination, largely because of the many beaches to choose from. Essaouira is one of the less commonly known tourist areas but it offers some of the best surfing conditions.

So, which spot is best for surfing lessons in Essaouira? The answer to this largely depends on your current level of ability and how adventurous you are.

Surfing Lessons in Essaouira for Beginners

Most people trying surfing lessons in Morocco for the first time will find Essaouira Beach the ideal place to learn the ropes with three great surf spots on the main beach there is something for all levels

The spot straight in front of our centre is used for  beginners because the waves are calm and slow giving you plenty of opportunities to catch your first ride. The bay is sandy bottom and the current is not too strong which makes it the idea spot, there is also plenty of space to practise in The beach area is partly sheltered by the island of Mogador which shields it from strong winds.

Also, in the event of waves getting bigger, because the bay spans a full 180 degrees you can always find an area that is calmer, usually at either side.

Surfing Lessons in Essaouira for Intermediates

The break to the left of our centre where the river meets the sea is suited for more intermediate riders, the waves are bigger and more powerful and this is where we run our progression and advanced surf lessons.


If you want to discover the other spots in the area then we offer both lesson and trips for intermediate surfers to Safi Beach and Sidi Kaouki Beach as these are great spots for the more intermediate surfers and the conditions justify this.

Both are easily reached from the city centre, with Safi being located on the other side of town from the bay. This is a favourite beach of locals. Sidi Kaouki is a long stretch of beach that, because of its length, creates long waves from light winds. Either of these beaches is suitable for people looking for surfing lessons in Essaouira beyond the basic.

Surfing Lessons in Essaouira for Advanced Surfers

For a greater challenge, La Grotte (The Cave) is a haven for the more professional surfer. The spot is a reef break and the waves can be big and powerful right handed tubes. The conditions also buck the usual trend of subsiding as evening and night sets in.

It is roughly 10 miles from the city but anyone wanting to push their surfing lessons in Essaouira, they will find this the perfect place.


If you just want to practise and have fun on your own you can also rent all the equipment from us and we are on hand if you need any hints and tips.


Book your surfing lessons in Essaouira today and find the beach that suits your level of ability.