Meet our team
A mixture of Moroccan European surf dudes and ladies

Tea is ready
let’s meet up and have some fun together!


XPW Manager

Nasser is a Moroccan expert in around-the-globe surfing. His heart is big and his team spirit strong: just like the waves he is eager to catch. Every morning he gets up early for a sunrise surf session before he heads to Explora™. Get in touch with Nasser at the weekly dinners.


XPW Manager

Sara is a tall blonde and dark brown-eyed lady from London. Her popularity and care for other people need no further explanation. Simply everybody loves her! Sara loves to kite and is often in the water doing raleys and other tricks. If she’s not galloping along the beach on her horse!


Centre Manager Essaouira

Magic Majid is a pioneer in kitesurfing and has been teaching all around the world for 15 years. He is a passionate man and the star of our “Magic Waveriders Clinic”! His smile and patience turn every situation into a story and a joke for the end of the day. Majid loves the water, music and fitness.


Centre Manager Tarifa

He’s not only super professional but also great fun as well, his smile and easy attitude ensure there is no stress on his lessons just progression and a few laughs. He managers and organising everything for us in Tarifa, so if you are planning on coming to see us in Tarifa he is your man!


Shop Assistant Essaouira


Hotel Manager Essaouira

Miranda is our wonderful amazing hotel manager, she is the person you will first meet when you arrive, whether you arrive in the afternoon or at 3am you will be greeted with a warm smile. She ensure our guests are happy and also there to help organise any other activities you might want to do.


Head surf instructor

Momo is the big brother of Abdo L. and he is the surf legend of the team. Momo loves to do fitness and surf and he looks like a young Neptunus. He is relaxed and the most professional and dedicated member of the team. His smile and warm heart will make sure that you surf your first waves within your first lesson.


Surf Instructor

Imad is one of our most experienced surf instructors. He is been surfing on lots of different waves in Morocco. He is friendly and kind hearted and will do everything to make sure you enjoy your time while you progress surfing the waves


Kite Instructor

Mounim is your new best friend. Have a laugh with him and meet him on and off the water. Mounim is kind and generous, happy and funny. He will always be there for you! He is awesome on a twin tip and wave board and spends the most time in the water out of all the team.


Kite Instructor

Salah is a secret force of the team. He is sweet, charming and will always give you a helping hand whether you saw it coming or not. Salah is 100 % relaxed and patient but also determined to get you up on the board no matter what.

Yassine F.

Kite Instructor

Yassine, our always smiling brother who know how to make a joke in every situation, if you don’t see him you will hear him or his new friends laughing. He is funny, motivated and always there to help you out in any situation. He will do everything to progress your skills


Junior Rider

Hamza is the little brother of our team. He saw the skills of his uncle Majid and wants to be at least as good as him. You can find him in the water training or he will be helping out where needed or giving you advice.


Junior Rider

Moncef the little naughty one of our team. He is always helpful and in for a chat he loves watching movies, that’s is why his English is super good. But be careful he will try to trick you wherever he sees the change for it.