Dakhla knows no limits: the lagoon is gigantic, which gives you the perfect place to learn or progress in kitesurf and windsurf. Next to that the other side of the peninsula offers waves to have fun with in surf or sup.

Breath Moroccan beauty in the purest form of tranquillity right in the middle of the desert.


Explora Watersports is all set up with different Packages daily lessons and rentals on the lagoon. In Dakhla we collaborate with our friend Ocean Vagabond which has one of the best location over the lagoon as well as all the infrastructure for you to practice your favourite watesrports… but also chill and relax.

We provide beginner and intermediate KitesurfSurfWindsurfSup lessons to get you going and we also offer rentals and storage at the lagoon centers.

Join us for a week in Dakhla!

Get the most out of your holidays with a complete package

Get a complete package for a week in Dakhla. Join us anytime and have fun with your new friends at Ocean Vagabond.


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Dakhla – wind probability (%) over 4bft.

Wind statistics

Dakhla 80% yearly!

Statistics shows that in Dakhla the wind is blowing with an average of 80% yearly. Come and join us for a session!