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Dakhla the kitesurf playground

Welcome to Dakhla

The Sahara has no limits. It's the perfect playground

Breathe moroccan beauty in its purest form of tranquility right in the middle of the desert.

Dakhla is basically a huge lagoon with flat water and good wind for most of the year. Creating the perfect place for you to learn to kitesurf, or progress and have fun in the water. There is then a wave spot the other side of the peninsular giving you the chance to learn how to kite strapless in the waves or head off for an early morning SUP and Surf session before the wind kicks in.


Weather When is the best time to travel to Dakhla?

Dakhla is pretty much an all year round destination. It boasts over 300 windy days a year. The windy season runs from March through to the end of November, but you still get 55% windy days in December. For Surf the swell hits from September through to the end of March.

Weather Conditions in Dakhla
Avg. Wind
14 Kn.
Wind Conditions in Dakhla
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Waves Conditions in Dakhla
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Weather Conditions in Dakhla

Water sports

#dakhla In Dakhla we work in partnership with our friends Ocean Vagabond to offer you two amazing options for your kite holiday in Dakhla. Crystal flat or wavy playground, your call!

Kitesurf Surf Windsurf Join us in Dakhla Morocco

Ocean Vagabond Lagoon is a boutique camp which is about great food, good conversation and relaxation. Ocean Vagabond Lassarga is on the ocean so all the luxury but you wake up next to the wave spot. Both camps are fully inclusive so include everything from your transfer to and from the airport, as well as your accommodation and full board. You can then choose the right kite, windsurf or surf package to suit you.

Kite Equipment

#Rentals Learn to kite in Dakhla, flat water, endless lagoon, wind and sunshine, all you need to do is put on the sunblock. We have Duotone 2020 kite gears and Fanatic for windsurf & surf.

Find Us

Ocean Vagabond Dakhla
km 27 – 73 000 – Dakhla
+44 7 738 563883 (Sara)

Ocean Vagabond Lagoon are on the lagoon 30km from the airport at the tip of the lagoon, so all the rooms have a lagoon view and you are just a few steps from the water. Dido runs the watersports centre, he is always up for a chat, when he is not running the centre he will be boosting the highest jumps on the lagoon. Ocean Vagabond Lassagra is the other side of Dakhla just 15km from the airport, you can only reach the spot by 4x4 where you reach our place right on the beach

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