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Feel the power of the wind in your sails with kitesurfing

Do you want to go kitesurfing in the stunning Morrocan resort of Essaouira? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Explora Watersports, we’re here to make your kitesurfing dreams a reality. With us, you can learn this thrilling watersport in the exotic and stunning surroundings of a traditional Moroccan port, Essaouira, looking out over the vastness of the Atlantic Ocean.

If you’ve never felt the power of the wind to provide momentum before, then you’re in for a treat. Kitesurfing gives you a feeling of freedom and gliding across the water like nothing else - something that you can experience right here in Essaouira. Kitesurfing is a skill like riding a bike: once you’ve got the hang of it, you’re free to go wherever the wind and water take you. Why not try kitesurfing in Essaouira today and tick it off your bucket list?

Majid kitesurfing jump over the lagoon in Essaouira Morocco
Learn to kitesurf with Explora Morocco in Essaouira
Essaouira Morocco the perfect kiteboarding destination
Kitesurfing progression clinics in Essaouira Morocco

Understanding the Kitesurfing Stages

How to become a kitesurfer

1 Understand the Kite

On the beach, flying a 2 line kite, understanding the wind, wind window, theory and safety. Flying a 4 line kite, understanding how to set up a kite, launch and land successfully, understand how to handle the kite and move in and out of the power zone.

2 Head into the water and Body Dragging

Understanding how to propel yourself through the water. This is called body dragging, you will be able to soft body drag and power body dragging upwind.

3 Bring the elements together (kite and board)

At this stage you will be learn to water start with the board and the kite, experiencing your first ride, extending your ride downwind.

4 Build on your posture and stance

Improving your posture and stance to enable you to ride upwind, perfecting your transition turns, switch turns and looking at your first pops to jumps.

Instructor teaching kitesurf basics on the beach
Instructor showing how to feel and fly a kite
You fly the kite alone with a kitesurf instructor
Learn to kitesurf body drag

Kitesurf Lessons Essaouira

Kitesurfing for Beginners
& Intermediate Skills Levels

If you've never done kitesurfing before but would like to learn, then our expert team in Essaouira are here to help. Our friendly team of kitesurfing instructors has many years of experience helping those new to the sport find their feet and get the most enjoyment possible from the experience. With our guidance, you’ll be able to take control of the kitesurf and gain confidence. Already know how to kitesurf? No problem - we welcome intermediates to come and surf with us in Essaouira too. Perhaps you’ve already mastered the basics of kitesurfing and want to take your skills to the next level. If so, then our expert instructors are here to help. We’ll start from your current level of expertise, help you overcome bad habits, and teach you how to manipulate your kitesurf like a pro.

Kitesurf Pricing Lessons / Rentals / Storage


Learn to kite



Equipment rentals


Kitesurf Lessons Types

We run 3 types of lessons

A Group

Group kite lessons in Essaouira are a maximum of 4 people so you still get plenty of 1:1 time with the instructor, it is a more fun and sociable way to learn. For group lessons you have to share the equipment for safety reasons, so two sets of equipment for the four of you.

B Semi-Private

In Essaouira the semi private kite lessons are two of you with one instructor, each with your own equipment. This can be with a friend or your partner or with someone that is the same level as you that we will match you with.

C Private

Private kite lessons are the most expensive and fastest way to learn and progress. In Essaouira we use bbtalkin headsets for some lessons depending on your level. This enables even faster progression as the instructor can communicate with you at all times.


Kitesurf Rental & Storage

For kite rental we have the 2020 Duotone gear about to hit our centre in Essaouira from mid September onwards. For kites we have Neo, Dice, Rebel, Evo and Vegas, for twin tips we have Jaime and Team Series, as well as a selection of wave boards and foils. For Kite Storage in Essaouira we have lockable lockers as well as full use of the facilities in our centres from showers, changing room, as well as a launch and landing and boat rescue (hopefully not required) We run downwind and kite trips as and when required, they are a great way to see the surrounding area and stunning coastline.

What to expect

#instructors The strongest asset we have is our team. Our instructors are passionate and knowledgeable. They continue to push the boundaries in teaching methodology to ensure you get the most out of your lessons

Get World class Kitesurfing Lessons in Essaouira

We believe that everyone has the right to enjoy kitesurfing safely. That’s why all of our instructors are certified kitesurfing experts with the skills and knowledge to deal with any situation on the water. When it comes to keeping you safe, we never take chances. Our team in Essaouira are all VDWS-certified kitesurf instructors.

  • Kitesurfing lessons in your language. We provide lessons in German, English, French, Spanish and Arabic.
  • High-quality kitesurfing equipment. Enjoy your kitesurfing lesson in style with the latest Duotone gear.
  • Find a kitesurfing lesson slot anytime. We run lessons in Essaouira all day until sunset. Get in touch with us today to book your slot.
  • Learn to kitesurf in a safe and fun environment. We believe that you should be able to learn all you need to know about kitesurfing in a safe and secure environment. Not only do we teach safety from the outset, but we support all lessons with a third-party rescue boat, should you get into trouble on the water.
  • We give you a range of lesson options, from group, semi-private and private — select lessons from two to twelve hours long.

Essaouira Kitesurf Spots

#spots Want to discover somewhere new? We run daily kite trips to different kitesurf spots, which is a great way to see the surrounding area of Essaouira. Join us on a kite trip!

Essaouira main spots We organise daily tours

Essaouira Beach Essaouira – Main Spot

What we love most about Essaouira is the space, the main spot for kiting is right in front of our centre, Here you have the space and freedom to learn and progress, as long as you don’t mind sharing the beach with a camel or two, then it is a great place to be. The bay is a long stretch of beach has a sandy bottom and the wind is side on which makes it a safe spot to learn and progress. If there are 20 Kites in the water it is a busy day.

Second Beach Essaouira – 15'min walk

If the conditions allow we sometimes also teach on second beach, mostly for people who can already kite we run daily downwinders to this spot, You leave in front of our centre and kite downwind to the end of the bay, past the rock where you are then on second beach, you can kite all the way to the end of second beach where you have flat water spots as well as clean waves to play in. We then bring you back by quad so perfect!

Sidi Kaouki 25 km south of Essaouira

Sidi Kaouki if it is windy in Essaouira it will be stronger in Sidi Kaouki, so if you like strong wind and waves this is the spot for you. Sidi Kaouki is a small village with a large beach area. Again the wind is side on which makes it a safe spot to kite. The waves can be fast here but they are super fun.

Moulay Moulay Bouzerktoun, 25 km up north

Our new spot for day kite trips, Amazing place just North of Moulay, just off the track and a few minutes off road across the beach and you will find an endless empty spot, with flat water and waves to the right. This makes is an awesome place for a day trip.

Moulay Downwind Moulay Bouzerktoun / Essaouira

If you are an advanced kiter and want to have an adventure then join us on the downwind trip from Moulay back to Essaouira. The trip starts off in Moulay where you have the chance to play in the waves, before starting downwind, you have open ocean and waves to play in the whole way down. The most spectacular part is once you are close to Essaouira, you see the old medina from the sea, with the old city walls as you kite around them and across the harbour back to our centre.