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If you've always dreamed of being able to surf but never gave it a go then now is the time to try.

Here at Explora Watersports, we offer surf lessons for beginners and advanced riders alike, helping you master the waves and get that special feeling from surfing that only a real surfer knows.

There are numerous spots in and around Essaouira to suit all level of surfers. The beginner spot is right in front of our centre, we run lessons here all year round even on Christmas Day! The bay is curved and protected by the island in front. This makes the waves smaller and slower so perfect to give beginners the time to pop to their feet and build their confidence. There is then the Intermediate spot to the left of our centre and on second beach which is a short walk away or we can blast you there by quad or on our boat. Here the waves are bigger and faster breaking both left and right. For advanced surfers you have the reef break at La Grotte (The Cave) and The Courant which is 15 - 20 minutes away.


Surf in Essaouira

#Learn Explora Watersports offers surf lessons, rental, storage as well as numerous surf trips and surf holidays which we combine with yoga to ensure you are surf ready everyday.

Lessons Surfing for Beginners
& Intermediate Skills Levels

At Explora Watersports, we're committed to your safety. Not only are all of our surf instructors fully certified, but we also have a third-party rescue boat on standby at all times, should you get into trouble in the water. Above all, we believe that learning to surf should be fun. Our surf instructors tailor the experience to provide you with maximum enjoyment, no matter what stage you're at. Join us today, and learn to surf in the stunning, exotic Moroccan resort of Essaouira.

Understanding the Stages Learn to surf the safe way

1 Up to your feet

First time into the water, we focus on your balance, and then the pop to your feet. Understanding the waves and the right waves to catch

2 Stance

Looking at your posture and stance to extend your time on the board riding a new wave. We then move to a smaller board.

3 Keep the Flow

Learning to flow and change the speed with your heals, toes and postiion on the board. Drive momentum into your board to keep you on the wave for longer.

4 Left & Right

Catching a green wave. First turns to the left and right.

Surf Essaouira Stage 1
Surf Essaouira Stage 2
Surf Essaouira Stage 3
Surf Essaouira Stage 4

Pricing Lessons / Rentals / Storage

Lessons Learn to surf


Rentals Equipment rentals


Lessons Types We run 3 types of lessons

A Group

Group lessons are a maximum of 6 people so you still get plenty of 1:1 time with the instructor but it is a more fun and sociable way to learn.

B Semi-Private

Semi private lessons are normally chosen by friends and couples who want to learn together. It will be only the two of you with an instructor.

C Private

And finally Private lessons are the most expensive but fastest way to learn and progress.

Rentals Surf Rental & Surf Storage

Already know how to surf ? or just want to give it a try on your own, then you can rent a surfboard from us and head straight into the water. Obviously if you have never surfed before we would recommend you taking a lesson first as this way you will have a lot more fun and get more out of your time on the water, but this is up to you. For surf rental we have a huge range of boards from large foamies through to advanced shortboards. We work with a variety of surf brands to ensure we have the right range of boards to offer for rental.

What to expect?

#instructors In all of our destinations we deliver all of our lessons to a high standard and continue to push the boundaries in teaching methods to make sure you get more out of your lessons with us.

We are professionals What You Get From Surfing Lessons In Essaouira

  • Certified surf instructors. Explora Watersports takes your safety seriously. That's why we only use accredited surfing instructors.
  • Get surfing lessons in a variety of languages. Not everyone who goes for surfing lessons in Essaouira speaks the same language. Get In Touch with us today and tell us how you'd like to have your experience delivered. We speak English, Spanish, German, French and Arabic.
  • Get surfing lessons all day until sunset. We provide surf lessons all day long in Essaouira, right up until sunset. Book your slot now.
  • Learn to surf in a safe and fun way. We believe that safety and fun are both critical. Not only do we have a rescue boat on standby the entire time you're out at sea, but our surf instructors tailor the experience to help you get as much enjoyment as possible. Even if you're a total beginner, our surf instructors can help you get on your surfboard and start riding the waves, even if that means taking it slowly.
  • Choose from a selection of surfboards. Not all surf instructors match you to an ideally-sized surfboard, but we do.
  • Get private surf lessons. Want private surfing lessons away from the crowds? No problem: just let us know what type of service you'd like.
  • Go on a surf trip. Want to go a little further afield? Our surf trips enable you to explore the coast around Essaouira and see everything that the area has to offer.

Go on a trip

#surftrip We run daily surf trips to different spots, which is a great way to see the surrounding area of Essaouira as well as celebrate how far you have progressed with your surfing.

Here are Essaouira main spots We organise daily tours

Essaouira Beach Essaouira – Main Spot

The spot in front of our beach side centre is perfect for the beginner or intermediate surfer. The bay is protected from the big swell by the island of Mogador so the waves are smaller and slower giving you the time to learn and progress. Just left of our centre on the beach is the Intermediate spot where the waves are bigger and faster The beach has a soft sand bottom.

Second Beach Essaouira – 15'min walk

Located past the big rock on the left hand side of our centre. It is just a few minutes by quad or our boat, you can also walk there in around 15 - 20 minutes. This is a more remove spot so plenty of space, you have a left or a right hand break, the waves are faster and more powerful. This is a good spot for Intermediate or Advanced surfers, or on low swell days for beginner lessons. We are also known to have a spontaneous beach party here with BBQ sardines.

Safi Beach Essaouira – 15'min walk

This is located on the other side of town from the bay. There are two spots. The first is a left that breaks in front of the abandoned factory at the beginning of the beach. The second is the main beach with lefts and rights located further north. Safi Beach is tricky with sand and rock bottoms so be careful. Both spots are best from mid to high tide.

Sidi Kaouki 25 km south of Essaouira

A long sandy beach provides ideal conditions for intermediate to advanced surfers, the spot offers fabulous long waves. Best when the wind is light and the tide is high.

The Cave Cap Sim, 10 miles

The Cave is our only local big wave spot. It is about 10 miles from Essaouira on the road to Sidi Kaouki. When everything else is closed and windy you can still get waves at this right point. Best conditions are medium to high tide and wind from the north. It is best accessed by 4wd, but you can also drive to the little village near the Cap Sim Lighthouse and walk.

Cathedral & The Bay Imsouane, 65 miles

The first is called the Cathedral, it starts on beach break with several right and left peaks, and ends on a reef which provides a perfect reef break (left handed). Good at at high tide or mid high tide when the swell is less than 5/6 feet ; and the point at low tide when the swell is over 5 feet. The Bay is the most popular spot of Imsouane. It is one of the best beginner / intermediate spots, as the right hand break is consistent and runs from the harbour all the way across the bay for a 600m ride so an amazing place to ride longer waves and build your confidence.