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Let's go kiting Kitesurfing is the fastest growing watersport at the moment and has just become an official sport in the Olympics.

Kitesurfing is one of the easiest to learn. You have to follow a clear process to ensure you are taught in the right way, but once you are up and riding you can easily progress to first jumps in no time. If you want to have the feeling of being powered by the wind as you fly across the water then give kitesurfing a go!


Learn & Progress

#Learn we offer kitesurf lessons kite rental as well a kite storage across all of our destinations as well as kite trips downwinders & other amazing kitesurf adventures.

Kitesurfing has advanced over the last few years across a multiple of disciplines, from twin tip freestyle manoeuvres as well as wave riding with your kite and a surfboard, and the newest foiling, enabling you to kite in very low wind.

Why do you kite?

“Kitesurfing is just about me, it is not about being a mum, a wife, a never ending to do list or a tricky balancing act, it is just about me, my kite and the sea. It gives me a moment to breathe, to see and most importantly to not think about anything except the now. That is why I love kiting, I love the space, the freedom and the moments just to be.”
Sara, @explorawatersports

“For me kiteboarding is an escape and an outlet for both my body and mind. It is an amazing sport and something that I have engaged in for most of my life. It has the power to educate you about the elements as well as put you in touch with nature and motivate you to explore. As a very individual sport it allows your own expression with no-one to tell you what to do and only mother nature to answer to.” Tom Court, UK's top kiter

Where to go kiting?

#destinations In all of our three destinations Essaouira, Tarifa and Dakhla we offer kitesurfing, where to go depends on the type of kiting & holiday you are looking for but you can always travel to each one in turn.

Essaouira Kitesurf in morocco

Essaouira is ocean kiting, we love it because it offers you the space and freedom on the water. If there are 20 kites it is a busy day. The bay is long and curved, with side on wind it offers you a safe and protected spot to learn. There are flat water spots at high tide, in the winter months there is also flat water at the river mouth. You then have a mix of choppy water and wave spots to the left of our centre. When you are not kiting you can explore the vibrant old medina and harbour which creates a good mix of holiday.

Tarifa The Kitesurf Mecca

Ocean kiting with the long stretch of 10km beach it is known as the Kite Mecca of Europe, the water is a variety of flat, choppy with waves in the winter. The wind stats are good for a lot of the year with the added thermic effect if the wind is Poniente means you can kite most days throughout the season. You then have an array of chiringuitos along the beach offering a cold cerveza or mojito to kick off the evening. Tarifa is a small town with a huge vibe, so if you want tapas and a bit of a party in the evenings after a long day of kiting this is the place for you.

Dakhla The Kitesurf Playground

In summary a huge lagoon with flat water and a wave spot the other side of the peninsula, 300 windy days a year. Dakhla is however remote so all of the camps offer full board so very much the focus is on kite, eat, sleep and repeat. If you want a pure kite holiday which the only focus is kiting then this is a good place for you, as there is very little culture and not much else to do.