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Surfing is an amazing experience, time stands still when you are riding a wave, no matter how big the wave or how often you have done it before, there is something magical about being on the water, feeling the freedom and the power of the ocean as you pop to your feet and ride the wave home. Surfing is a lifelong journey whether you are a newbie or an experienced surfer there is always something to improve or new spots to discover.

Riding a wave is a magical moment, feeling like a king as you capture the wave and take it home.

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10 most popular questions we get asked around surfing and learning to surf.

The good news is that with the right instructor it is quite easy to learn the basics of surfing, in your first lesson with us we will first focus on your balance and then the pop to your feet, understanding  the right waves to catch and the optimum point of learning to surf. 

Surfing is a lifelong passion. To learn the surf basics you can do this after a few lessons with the right instructor, and enjoy the feeling of riding a wave. If this then becomes your sport then you can continue to progress forever whether this is learning advanced maneuvers or travelling to different and unique places to catch the wave.

If you want to learn to surf the right way and to progress quickly you need to have some lessons. This ensures you are safe as well as learn. After a few lessons you will be able to practise on your own. If you want to continue to build on your skills you will need to have more lessons or coaching.

We are insured to teach from 5 years and older, the first lessons are in shallow water. Our instructors are experienced at teaching children and make the surf lessons fun and safe.

We teach surfing from 5 years through to 80, as long as you have the right attitude you can learn. Lots of people imagine that surfing is only suitable for fit, young sporty types, surfing however is a great sport to learn at any age as there is no physical contact so less chance of injury, it is also about flexibility and posture and movement so a great way to stay supple and healthy.

No not really, as long as you have the right attitude you can learn to surf, for your first lessons the instructors take you in waist deep water so you can always stand up. We would recommend you can swim, this is essential if you want to progress past the first lesson.

For your lessons with us you just need to bring yourselves, your swim stuff, sun cream and a towel, we provide the board and the wetsuit.

Yes of course one you have had a few surf lessons you can use the surf equipment to have fun and continue to progress.

This varies by person so there is no set time, your first lesson will be on a large foam board as these float easy and are more stable, enabling you to learn the pop to your feet, we then move to a smaller foam board before you then surf a large hardboard. The size of the board needed also varies depending on the conditions so in smaller waves a larger board it better for example.

It is better to learn to surf first and progress onto a longboard before you buy a board as the foam board will only last for your first few lessons. As you progress the board size will get smaller until you are on a shortboard. Once you are advanced you will have a number of boards to suit the varying conditions.

Learn & Progress

#Learn Explora Watersports offers surf lessons, rental, storage as well as numerous surf trips and surf holidays which we combine with yoga. At the moment we offer surfing in Essaouira & Dakhla.

Why do you surf?

“When you surf, you surf, it is all you focus on and all you think about, it allows you to strip away everything else about your day and just live and breathe the waves. I have surfed since I was 9 years old and the thrill, the adrenaline the enjoyment I get from it hasn’t changed, even if I only catch one of two good waves a session I come out of the water buzzing and wanting more” Nasser, @explorawatersports

“The joy of surfing is so many things combined, from the physical exertion of it, to the challenge of it, to the mental side of the sport.” Kelly Slater

Where to go surfing?

#destinations In Essaouira and Dakhla we offer surfing, where to go depends on the type of surfing & holiday you are looking for but you can always travel to each one in turn.

Essaouira Surf in Essaouira

Essaouira is a great spot for all level of surfers as there are numerous spots really close by. The beginner spot is right in front of our centre, where we have a huge bay with a sandy bottom, the waves are smaller and slower here as the swell is protected by the island in front. You then have second beach for Intermediate surfers where the waves are bigger and faster breaking both left and right. For advanced surfers you have La Grotte (The Cave), and The Courant which is 15 - 20 minutes away as well as Sidi Kaouki or Imsouane.

Dakhla Surf in Dakhla

Dakhla might not be an obvious spot you think of when you are considering where to go surfing, but if you are looking for uncrowded spots, with both left and right breaks then it is worth checking it out. The spot is suitable for beginner plus through to advanced surfers. There are a few wave spots which are only reachable by 4x4. As well as Lassagra spot which is right in front of our accommodation.