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Tarifa is a great spot to learn and progress with your kitesurfing

Tarifa has two prominent winds: Levante, wind from the East and Poniente from the West so it is normally blowing in one direction or the other, the season runs from the mid March all the way through to mid November.

If you love the sea and the idea of being powered by the wind as you fly across the water then give kitesurfing a try

Kitesurf Tarifa Grid
Kitesurf Tarifa Grid
Kitesurf Tarifa Grid
Kitesurf Tarifa Grid
Kitesurf Tarifa Grid
Kitesurf Tarifa Grid
Kitesurf Tarifa Grid
Kitesurf Tarifa Grid

Learn & Progress

#kitesurf We offer kitesurf lessons kite rental as well a kite storage in Tarifa as well as kite trips downwinders & other amazing kitesurf adventures.

Lessons Kitesurfing for Beginners
& Intermediate Skills Levels

You can have a taster kite lesson which is 2 hours through to as many hours as you want, If you are a beginner and have 3 or more days then we would recommend the 12 Hour course as this will take you through the first 3 stages of learning how to kite so you should have experienced your first ride on the board by the end of course and hopefully be riding downwind a bit and beginning to think about your posture and stance to ride upwind. If you are already at the water start plus stage then we would recommend a mixture of lessons and rental so you can continue to progress and practise on your own in-between the lessons. We have an attractive Intermediate Kite Package including 6 Hours of semi private kite progression lesson plus full kite rental for the week, this of course also includes your launch, landing and rescue service.

Understanding the Stages Learn to kite the safe way

1 Beach

On the beach, flying a 2 line kite, understanding the wind, wind window, theory and safety.

2 Fly

Flying a 4 line kite, understanding how to set up a kite, launch and land successfully, understand how to handle the kite and move in and out of the power zone. Body dragging in the sea, soft body dragging and power body dragging upwind.

3 Water Start

Water Start – with the board and the kite, experiencing your first ride, extending your ride downwind

4 Jump

Progression honing your style, riding upwind and first pops leading to jumps.

Kitesurf Tarifa Step 1
Kitesurf Tarifa Step 2
Kitesurf Tarifa Step 3
Kitesurf Tarifa Step 4

Pricing Lessons / Rentals / Storage

Lessons Learn to kite

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Rentals Equipment rentals


Lessons Types We run 3 types of lessons

A Group

Group lessons are a maximum of 4 people so you still get plenty of 1:1 time with the instructor but it is a more fun and sociable way to learn. For group lessons you have to share the equipment for safety reasons, so two sets of equipment for the four of you.

B Semi-Private

Semi private lessons are normally chosen by friends and couples who want to learn together. It will be only the two of you with an instructor and your own equipment.

C Private

And finally Private lessons are the most expensive but fastest way to learn and progress. We use bbtalkin headsets which enables even faster progression. This mean the instructor can communicate with you at all times.

Rentals Kite Rental & Kite Storage

For kite rental we have the 2020 Duotone gear about to hit our centre from mid September onwards: For kites we have Neo, Dice, Rebel, Evo and Vegas, for twin tips we have Jaime and Team Series, as well as a selection of wave boards and foils. In Tarifa we use a third party rescue boat provider to ensure you are always safe on the water. We also offer storage at our kite centre located in Vento El Tito. For Tarifa the minimum kite rental is one day. We run downwind and kite trips as and when required, they are a great way to see the surrounding area and stunning coastline.

What to expect?

#instructors In Tarifa we deliver all of our lessons to a high standard and continue to push the boundaries in teaching methods to make sure you get more out of your lessons with us

We are professionals Get World class Kitesurfing Lessons

  • For all of our lessons you will be taught by a fully qualified VDWS or IKO instructor who also has a Spanish teaching licence – FAV.
  • We have the latest kitesurfing Equipment and buy new gear each year.
    We currently have 2019 Duotone Gear.
  • We are all about safety and will ensure you learn in a structured safe way as well as making sure each lesson is fun.
  • Kitesurf hire as a group, semi-private, or private. We give you a range of lesson options, from group to semi-private to private — select lessons from two to twelve hours long.
  • Choose your kitesurf rental type. Hire equipment as well as get extras, like kite trips and downwinders.

Go on a trip

#spots What about today Kiting somewhere else? We run daily kite trips to different spots they are a great way to see the surrounding area and stunning coastline.

Here are Tarifa main spots We organise daily tours

Los Lances Tarifa – Main Spot KM4

Our centre on the beach is in Los Lances which is one of the main kite beaches. The beach is long and the wind direction is poniente it is side on which makes it very safe. The beach is sandy, the ocean can be flat or choppy so a great spot to learn and progress. There are also numerous chiringuitos along the beach where you can relax with a cold refreshment and a bite to eat.

Valdevaqueros Tarifa – Main Spot KM8

This is the busiest kite spot in Tarifa and runs from Punta Paloma to the Huricane Hotel. Again if the wind is Poniente it will be side on, the beach is all sandy bottom so another great spot to kite. The beach bar Tumbao has bean bags and moijitos so a great place to relax after a good session on the water.

Caños Los Caños de Meca – 60KM

If the Levante in Tarifa is too strong then head to Canos de Meca where the wind will be less strong and more manageable. Canos de Meca is large bay area with a reef break so nice waves if it is a spring tide. The spot only works in Levante and only when it is really strong in Tarifa. There is also a great cafe right on the beach where you can grab a bite to eat and cold drink after a good kite session.