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The thrill of surfing with the tranquillity of sailing

Windsurfing is just like sailing except you are part of the rigging holding the sail and the power giving you an experience so much closer to the elements, you really get to feel the wind as your adrenaline kicks in giving you an exhilarating ride.

Essaouira is the ideal place for windsurfing for all skill levels. There are numerous spots in and around Essaouira to suit all levels of windsurfers. From the first time you launch the sail and skim across the water you will feel a rush of exhilaration that will make you want to do it again and again. Whether you are a complete beginner or want to progress and hone your skills we can offer and tailor packages to suit your requirements and group needs.

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Learn Windsurf in Essaouira

#Learn We run our windsurf lessons by boat to ensure the instructor is close to you at all times, this speeds up your progression and enjoyment

Essaouira Beginner & Intermediate Windsurf Lessons

For windsurf lessons our instructor will be in a boat so close to you at all times, if you are a beginner, the lessons will start on the other side of the bay from our centre where the water is calmer, the aim of the course will be to windsurf back to our centre. If you are an intermediate windsurfer the lessons will be tailored to your level. For intermediate or advanced windsurfers we also partner with Boujmaa Guilloul at certain times of the year to offer lessons as well as clinics. He is one of the best windsurfers in the world as well as a local hero.

Understanding the Stages

Learn to windsurf the safe way

1 Learning the Basics

Understand the kit, the board, how to rig a sail and be ready to head to the water. Getting started, position to enable you to raise the sail and head downwind.

2 Steering and tilting the sail

Getting underway. Practising steering, tilting the sail, pulling the boom to accelerate and letting go to reduce your speed, understanding how your body and position has an impact on your speed.

3 The turn

Understanding the technics required to turn, moving your front hand and releasing the back hand to allow the sail to swing across the front of the board, manoeuvring yourself around the mast, get back into position.

4 Speed and Control

How you can position the sail to build up speed and momentum, understand the different tacks and what this means to your speed, how you can control the windsurf throughout the various tacks.

Pricing Lessons / Rentals / Storage


Learn to windsurf



Equipment rentals


Windsurf Lessons Types

We run 3 types of lessons

A Group

For our Group Windsurf lessons in Essaouira the instructor will be in a boat so close to you at all times. There is a maximum of 4 people so you still get plenty of 1:1 time with the instructor. For group lessons you have to share the equipment for safety reasons, so two sets of equipment for the four of you.

B Semi-Private

Semi Private Windsurf Lessons in Essaouira are for 2 of you each with your own equipment and 1 instructor who again is also in a boat. This can also be chosen for friends and family groups who want to learn together with a private instructor.

C Private

In Essaouira our Private Windsurf lessons are 1:1. We also use bbtalkin headsets which enables even faster progression. This mean the instructor can communicate with you at all times.

Windsurf Rental & Storage

For windsurf rental as we are a family business we offer beginner windsurf rental or we partner with Boujmaa Guilloul to ensure we can offer you the full range of Starboard Gear. For windsurf Storage we have lockable lockers as well as full use of the facilities in our centres from showers, changing room, as well as boat rescue. We run downwind and windsurf trips as and when required, they are a great way to see the surrounding area and stunning coastline.

What to expect

#instructors Our windsurf instructors combine teaching with fun to enjoy your time on the water.

Get World class Windsurfing Lessons in Essaouira

  • We are Full insured Watersports Centre
  • Fully qualified motivated team of instructors (VDWS / IKO)
  • We are fluent in English, Spanish, German, French, Arabic.
  • We have Starboard Beginner boards and Fanatic rental gear
  • We teach from a boat to ensure the instructor is close to you at all times
  • Boat Rescue Service
  • We are open all year in Esssaouira
  • We are open from 8.30am to sunset everyday (around 6.30pm - 7pm) and we run 3 lessons times each day this is however flexible to fit around you.
  • We teach in a safe but fun way, you will learn quicker if you have a good time along the way.

Essaouira Windsurf Spots

#trip What about today riding somewhere else? The whole coast is open to you and your windsurf, you can go where the wind takes you. Join us for a trip

Essaouira main spots We organise daily tours

Essaouira beach Essaouira – Main Spot

What we love most about Essaouira is the space, the main spot for windsurfing if you are a beginner is the other side of the bay from our centre on the beach where the water is calmer and the instructor will be in a boat to close to you at all times. If you are already windsurfing then it is to the left of our watersports centre, here you have lots of space to have fun in the water. The wind is side on which makes it really safe.

Second Beach Essaouira – 15'min walk

We run daily downwinders to this spot. You leave in front of our centre and windsurf downwind to the end of the bay, past the rock where you are then on second beach, you can sail all the way to the end of second beach where you have flat water spots as well as clean waves to play in. We then bring you back by quad so perfect way to end your session.

Sidi Kaouki 25 km south of Essaouira

If is windy in Essaouira it will be stronger in Sidi Kaouki, so if you like strong wind and waves this is the spot for you. Sidi Kaouki is a small village with a large beach area. Again the wind is side on which makes it a safe spot to windsurf. The waves are can be fast here but they are super fun. We organise day trips to this spot which include your transport, equipment, guide and lunch.

Moulay Moulay Bouzerktoun, 25 km up north

One of the most famous spots for windsurfing in the World is just 20 minutes from Essaouira. Here you have strong side on wind, and clean waves. So if you are an advanced windsurf looking to have fun in the waves then this is the spot for you. Again we organise day trips here.

Moulay Downwind Moulay Bouzerktoun / Essaouira

If you are an advanced windsurfer and want to have an adventure then join us on the downwind trip from Moulay back to Essaouira. The trip starts off in Moulay where you have the chance to play in the waves, before starting downwind, you have open ocean and waves to play in the whole way down. The most spectacular part is once you are close to Essaouira, you see the old medina from the sea, with the old city walls as you sail around them and across the harbour back to our centre.