Tarifa has the perfect conditions to practice water sports, mainly kitesurfing and windsurfing. Its white sand beaches and clear water are the delight of thousand of athletes that move here to enjoy the most valuable asset, the wind.

Tarifa is known as the kitesurf mecca of Europe with its wide endless beach stretching over 10km and great wind, it means you can kite kite kite all day and then head to the vibrant old town for tapas and mojitos as well as the odd party or two!

Explora Watersports is all set up with different Packages daily kite lessons and rentals on the beach and an own Surf House. Depending on the conditions you will discover different kitespots!

We provide beginner and intermediate Kitesurf lessons to get you going and we also offer rentals and storage. Every day the crew and the guests meet up and head together to the beach by car.

You will share your kite sessions with Gabriele. Gabri is our Swiss head instructor and he has tons of kite and teaching experience. When he’s not teaching he makes stylish big airs, holding his strapless board in his hand. Must see!

Join us for a week or weekend in Tarifa

The beach is 10 km long providing heaps of space for lots of kites and likeminded people who all share their passion for the ocean.

Get the most out of your holidays with a complete package

Get a complete package for a week or weekend in Tarifa. Join us anytime and have fun with your new friends from Explora Watersports.


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Tarifa – wind probability (%) over 4bft.

Wind statistics

Keep blowing with an average of 80% yearly

The percentage of windy days ranging from 11 to 17 knots is approximately 80% per year. During the winter months, December to February, Poniente is th prevailing wind, the percentage is 70%. In the summer months, June to September, it reaches 90%, where levante blows strongly through the Strait of Gibraltar.