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5 kite surf myths

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Explora Watersports 20 Sep, 2018

1- I don’t have the power or strength to kite surf

This is what we most often hear, but if you are strong enough to steer a bike you are strong enough to go out and kite. What most people don’t know is that when the kite pulls you the force is carried by your harness, and not pulling by the bar. Technique is the most important part of kitesurfing, this you will all learn step by step in your first  kite lessons

2- It looks so complicate, to control everything all at the same time

To be honest, this where my thoughts were when I first started to learn, it all looked so complicated and how was I going to keep a kite flying and ride a board at the same time.

For kitesurfing you learn it step by step so as you master one area before you move onto the next. The first lesson is all about the kite, the more confident you are with the kite the easier the next stages in the water will be as you don’t have to think about the kite. For this reason you start your first kite lesson on the sand, this first 2 hours you will focus on the safety and controlling the kite on the beach. The next step is body dragging, you will go into the water without the board to build up confidence. I would highly recommend you keeping your mouth closed in this stage, as you will drink lots of water. Than the last step, getting on the board. Once you feel thrill of kiting you will see, it isn’t as complicated as it looks!

3- I’m too old for this extreme sport

Explora watersports and all our instructors have lots of experience and we can tell you that we have seen kite surfers from 8 till 80 years old. It is about the attitude you have and the desire to have fun and be on the water regardless of your age.

4- It is too dangerous for me

Getting out of bed can be dangerous, with everything we do in life there is an element of risk, you decide what level is right for you and go for it. The safely and the element of risk has been reduced dramatically since kitesurfing first started. You now have three levels of depowering your kite which you can initiate in an instant. There are also governing bodies (VDWS and IKO)  that ensure all instructors and kite schools have the correct licences, if you are looking to have lessons and learn make sure you check that your instructor is qualified, the centre offers a rescue service and has the correct insurance and there equipment is new. That way you are reducing the element of risk before you even put your wetsuit on.

5- It looks really painful when people crash in the water

Okay we have to admit that having water in your eyes, ears, nose and mouth isn’t the most comfortable thing. But on the other side, it is just water and lucky when you fall you fall in the water. In most cases you will not fall really hard as the kite is still in the air and lifts you up or it is in the water waiting to get launched back in the air again. If you are going into the next level and you like to show off with your tricks, you will already know I am sure, that the high you jump the bigger the fall.

So now there is no excuse left to not go and JOIN US KITING in EssaouiraTarifa or Dakhla