Kite Lessons Essaouira, @adamgetssurfrage


Learn to kite in Essaouira

From Zero to Kiter in no time

This is the perfect kite package if you are new into kitesurfing and want to be up and riding confidently by the end of your stay.


Essaouira has the perfect conditions to start kiting as it has a huge bay with side on wind which makes it a safe and fun place to learn to kite. The aim of the course will be for you to be up and riding downwind by the end of the kite lessons and thinking about your posture and stance to kitesurf upwind

  • 7 Nights Accommodation *
  • 12 Hour Kite Course (Group)
  • Kite Rental at the end of the course (2 days)
  • Surfer Breakfast
  • FREE Surf Rental at any time
  • BBQ and Moroccan Dinner
  • 3 Nights Accommodation *
  • 6 Hour Kite Course (Group)
  • Surfer Breakfast
  • FREE Surf Rental at any time
  • BBQ or Moroccan Dinner
* Surf House / Riad Zahra or Riad Al Zahia
Price is per person and is based on two people. If you are travelling on your own there is a € 10.00 EUR per night supplement.