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Disconnect and just enjoy the moment as you explore the coastline

Stand up Paddle or SUP offers you two different sensations, on calm windless days it enables you to disconnect and just enjoy the moment as you explore the coastline, with the relaxing sound of the water hitting the bottom of the SUP.

On the days when there is swell and waves, it is just you, and your adrenaline as you catch the waves and maneuver the SUP to power you on the wave. SUP is becoming more popular due to its versatility; as a great way to explore as well as catch waves. The benefit of SUP; firstly you have the paddle which enables you to catch the waves easier, and a larger board to balance on.


Learn & Progress

#Learn We have amazing instructors who will tailor their teaching methods to ensure you get the most out of your lesson. All of our instructors are fully qualified with VDWS.

Lessons SUP for Beginners
& Intermediate Skills Levels

Beginner SUP lessons are right in front of our beachside centre in the perfect spot we first focus on your balance to your knees and then standing on your feet, how to paddle to maximise your speed and stability, If you want to learn to catch the waves, we then look how how you catch the wave and the optimum point to catch the wave. We will focus on your position and stance to extend your time on the wave, catching green waves and using the paddle to turn. If you are an intermediate or advanced Stand up Paddler depending on the conditions we would most likely run your lesson from second beach where the waves are bigger and more powerful. The lesson will be tailored to your level so you would meet the instructor first so you can explain your level and experience, he will then agree with you the focus and objectives for the course/

Understanding the Stages Learn to surf the safe way

1 Knees to Feet

Balance onto your knees, learn how to paddle, stand to your feet.

2 Stand up

Posture and stance on the board, how to paddle to maximise your speed and control, as well as manoeuvre to the left and right. Paddling through the waves.

3 First Wave

Catching a wave. The right wave to catch and where to position yourself to catch the waves. Paddle for the wave, position on the board while catching a wave to maximise your time on the board.

4 Left & Right

Catching a green wave, turning on the wave to the left and right.

Pricing Lessons / Rentals / Storage

Lessons Learn to Paddle SUP


Rentals Equipment rentals


Lessons Types We run 3 types of lessons

A Group

Group lessons are a maximum of 6 people so you still get plenty of 1:1 time with the instructor but it is a more fun and sociable way to learn.

B Semi-Private

Semi private lessons are normally chosen by friends and couples who want to learn together. It will be only the two of you with an instructor.

C Private

And finally Private lessons are the most expensive but fastest way to learn and progress.

Rentals SUP Rental & SUP Storage

For SUP rental we have a variety of boards to rent to suit your size and level. From beginner through to advanced wave rider boards. The paddles are easily adjustable to suit your height as well. We partner with Fanatic for most of our SUP gear.

What to expect?

#instructors In Essaouira we deliver all of our lessons to a high standard and continue to push the boundaries in teaching methods to make sure you get more out of your lessons with us.

We are professionals Get World class SUP Lessons

  • We are Full insured Watersports Centre
  • Fully qualified motivated team of instructors (VDWS or IKO)
  • We are fluent in English, Spanish, German, French, Arabic.
  • we have a range of Stand up Paddles and Wave specific Stand Up Paddles
  • We are open all year in Esssaouira
  • We are open from 8.30am to sunset everyday (around 6.30pm - 7pm) and we run 3 lessons times each day this is however flexible to fit around you.
  • We teach in a safe but fun way, you will learn quicker if you have a good time along the way.

Go on a trip

#trip For those of you who prefer the calm and tranquility of SUP we also offer SUP tours and explorations. We offer a variety of options depending on the conditions.

If you are passionate about the waves we also offer SUP Trips to all the wave spots along the coast, we will determine the spot based on the conditions and your level. We leave Essaouira just before 9am and drive south, SUP for the morning and then have a big BBQ or picnic lunch and relax, surf until sunset and then head back to Essaouira. The day trip includes your transport, equipment rental, guide and big BBQ or picnic lunch.

What about a Tour? We organise daily tours

1 Island Tour

Explore the small Island of Mogador by SUP we leave the centre and head straight out to the island where there are smaller rocks just off the island with little caves.

2 Medina Walls

From Safi beach back to Essaouira beach and around the outside of the Medina walls, and amazing way to see the old Medina and harbour from the otherside the sea

SUP Tour Medina Walls 4
SUP Tour Medina Walls 2
SUP Tour Medina Walls 1
SUP Tour Medina Walls 3