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Essaouira Morocco the place of all smiles

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Explora Watersports 06 Jul, 2017

Wind-free days in Essaouira Morocco are rare, but when they are, there’s plenty of locals which come out to enjoy the sunshine with their friends and family to swim, surf and play football.

The main beach in front of our centre is a great spot for Kitesurf, Surf and SUP. It is a wide clean beach which has a sandy bottom and a side onshore wind and therefore a safe spot to learn and progress with your kiting. You also have plenty of space.

From a Surf perspective the waves are slow and rolling to the left of our centre which give beginners a bit more time to pop up to their feet. There are also intermediate waves further to the left where the island doesn’t stop the swell hitting the coast.

If you like an audience to watch you, then there is always and odd camel or two on the beach cheering at you.

Just around the corner is the “Second beach” where you can go for great sunset beach walks. It’s a calm beach with beautiful waves for surfing and good conditions for Kiting. Go there downwind with your kite friends and we will come and pick you up by quad or camel for the return journey.

Welcome to Essaouira Medina

Car free and clean, the Medina is amazing to explore. Narrow streets and alleyways offers a beautiful mixture of shops, local restaurants and markets, such a beautiful place to wander around and discover new hidden gems around every corner.

Drink a fresh orange juice on the walls of the harbour or have lunch on a rooftop terrace, where you will enjoy the view over the Atlantic Ocean.

The port was once a major sardine fishing centre. You can now watch fisherman hauling in the catch or mending the nets while cats and seagulls hang around for a fresh snack.

What about the Food?

At the market you will find lots of different fresh vegetables, all from the local farmers in the area, creating a bustling area full of people, fresh fruit, vegetables and spices all mixed together, the whole souk is a hubabab or activity and a place you definitely need to visit.

Join the team on their weekly visit to the market to buy all the ingredients for our BBQ.

There are lots of different places to eat from a traditional local restaurant with just 5 tables and delicious dinners cooked by the mama! There is also fish stalls selling BBQ, as well as a few vegetarian restaurants, French and Italian.

If you want live music good food and a great vibe you can’t go wrong with Mega Loft, which is a beautifully decorated in shabby chic style and is a favourite of all of ours.

Ramses: A cosy place run by 2 lovely Moroccan sisters, who are always happy to answer all your questions about Essaouira. Delicious food and alcohol available.

The Coasts: The Coast is a local restaurant with local dishes for reasonable prices. With a nice view on the main street Morocco offers one the greatest cuisines of the world, their cooking is abundant with subtle spices and intriguing flavour combinations

Dishes you need to try out are Tajine, Couscous, Harira, Moroccan salad and of course Moroccan Tea which is the national drink, always mint flavoured and usually sweetened with plenty of sugar.

Essaouira Morocco, the place of all smiles!

Because of the fresh ocean air and blue sky, locals are relaxed, calm and always up for a chat.

They are used to visitors for years and years, and when you’ll walk towards the medina, they will welcome you with a friendly smile and you will be surprised by the beautiful mixture of people and colours.