Kite Holiday in Essaouira

Kite Trip to Essaouira

Kitesurf in Essaouira, @doystra

Kite Holiday in Essaouira with Explora Watersports

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Explora Watersports 13 May, 2019

Essaouira Vibe

Coming from the mainly coastal country of Norway,  the fresh air, the seagulls, and the sound of waves make me feel right at home. The people are warm and welcoming, even if they sound really loud and agitated. They are most likely discussing the weather and what’s for lunch, it is just how the lingo goes! (Its just like the rowdy fishing villages up north back home, in some ways). Anyway there are smiling faces around, its fun and games even between the serious lines.

Explora Spirit

This spirit lives strongly within team of Explora Watersports! They are all smiles and make you feel like part of the family / team as soon as you arrive with their jokes and good atmosphere.

After three days of walking around using some storage and the compressor we start joking about me working there. As some Europeans turn to the first white face they see when coming into the beach side centre.

Kitesurfing in Essaouira

I started kiteboarding in 2017. So i'm fairly new and inexperienced. I decided to bring my own gear on this trip and use their kite storage. Although i rented a kite one day, as the wind was too strong for for my “smallest” 9m.

One day I decided to go down wind to see what it was like around the southern cape. This was a longer downwind than I had expected. As I headed upwind I realised the sun was setting. I managed to carve myself around the cape and was now only beginning to criss-cross up the main beach. I was already really tired but lo-and-behold Explora were there teaching, and also just packing up for the day. They quickly helped me land my kite and pack it up and of course they let me come along for the ride back on the quad.

They have a Quad with a trailer set up, purposefully built with benches for 4 people and room for gear. As we were speeding across the sand, with Mogador island in the distance and the sun setting the occasional camel or horse were overtaken I found myself having the perfect end to a perfect day.

Kite Holiday in Essaouira

My kite holiday in Essaouira lasted two weeks. And during the first session I punctured some holes just behind my leading edge. In a futile attempt to self land without an anchor or proper knowledge.

I took the kite to Explora Watersport expecting to pay a hat and both socks for the repair (this was before I got to know them better). They took a look at it with a “mashie moshkil” – approach (means: no problem in Moroccan ). And since the holes were minor give away some spinaker tape… all sorted !

You live and learn!

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