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When is the Best Time of Year to Surf in Morocco?

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Explora Watersports 21 Jul, 2019

Morocco is such a unique country in that it offers so many different delights. Situated in the North of Africa, it’s blessed with a stunning coastline. As a result, the country boasts some of the best surfing spots in the world! Essaouira and Dakhla are all surfing hotspots here, but when is the best time to surf in Morocco?

Like any country, Morocco goes through different seasons where the weather changes. As such, this has implications on the surfing conditions along the coast. You want to go when the waves are at their best, allowing you to actually get some good hours of decent surfing every day.

So, when is the best time to surf in Morocco? In truth, it depends on where you’re going. Some areas on the Northernmost coast will have different surfing conditions than those down south. Below, we’ve looked at the two best surfing places in Morocco and figured out when their peak seasons are.

The best time to surf in Essaouira

In this part of Morocco, you will get amazing waves pretty much all year round. In general, most people agree that the main surfing season runs from August through to March. So, you don’t actually get that many waves in the peak summer months. However, this is where Essaouira is unique as you will still get awesome waves during summer as well. This is great as it means you can surf without dealing with the usual winter chill!

Typically, if you’re a bit of a surfing pro and like a challenge, then November to February will provide the roughest and biggest waves up here. This is when the wind picks up, giving you some tall rolling waves that are perfect for surfing. If you’re more of a beginner, then late summer will be best for you, while the Autumn/Spring months are great for intermediate surfers who want to build up to the big winter waves.

The best time to surf in Dakhla

Dakhla is almost one of the hidden surfing gems in Morocco. Most people don’t think of it as a surfer’s paradise, but it does boast some gnarly waves throughout the year. The benefit of it being a little bit unknown is that you don’t get as many crowds as you would in Essaouira, so it’s slightly more relaxed and peaceful.

When it comes to the best time to surf, most people agree that October to April is when you see the best waves. If you’re fortunate, the season might extend a month or two into summer. However, it’s way down on the southern coast in the disputed territory of Western Sahara, so it’s usually hot and still here in the peak summer months of June, July, and August. If you’re planning a surfing holiday here, then it’s best to not risk things and just go during October – April. One of the best things about surfing in the south is that the water stays at a pleasant temperature. Sometimes, if you come during April, it’s warm enough to handle without a wetsuit!

So, when should you surf in Morocco?

These two surfing hotspots have slightly different seasons, but we can say that the best time to surf in Morocco is between August and April. You’ll have slightly better waves up north during the late summer months, but the southern coast sees better waves towards the end of spring. In all honesty, this is excellent news as it means you can pretty much surf in Morocco for most of the year.

The only time where the waves aren’t at their best is between May and July. Here, the sun tends to come out more, the wind dies down, and the beaches are more for relaxing than surfing! But, as we mentioned earlier, if you are hoping to surf in summer, then your best chances of catching some waves will be in the north.

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