New Neo kite

Join us for a test drive of the new Neo kite in Essaouira or Tarifa

Wave Riders Tarifa, @doystra

The New NEO Kite 2017

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Explora Watersports 10 Dec, 2016

Last Monday Nasser came down to the centre with big smile on his face. He had two brand new Neo Kite and 2 click bars with him while Sara was stoked about her new Jaime Textreme. She decided it wasn’t windy enough for her and went horseriding. Even though we get new kites every season and kite a lot, unpacking a new kite is something still something special. I had to take a 12m Vegas out to have a little bit of power for some jumps. Nasser instead weighs only 63 kilos and with a 5’10” pro kontact he was riding without any problem, so got pretty jealous. And since no other kite had the same turquoise colour I noticed, he was having some fun.

The waves weren’t very big, but the Neo gave him enough power to destroy some small ones, due to it’s good low end power. It drifts even better then last year’s model due to some tweaks on the design and the kite turns faster as well. Her flew it on the soft setting, which made the kite turn even faster with less bar pressure.

He was very happy with the click bar as well, we just hope it’s going to work that well for a long time and we wont have to change a line soon. Nasser said it took him some minutes to get used to the new system, but the wind changed quite a lot during the session so he had to use it a lot. He liked the new size of the bar and how the grip felt. All in all a warm, windy day with some new toys, that are in fact high-tech machines.