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Explora Watersports 09 Apr, 2019

As a mum of 2 mini monsters and a husband who is fanatical about surfing and kiting. I understand the dilemma many of you go through when trying to find a surf holiday that suits everyone.

There is nothing more boring in my opinion that sitting on the beach waiting for your nearest and dearest to get out of the water. Either because the spot only has huge fast waves or the wind is howling at +40 knots and you are not yet ready to wave goodbye to your children as they set off for the US.  This can cause an element of frustration or discord that shouldn’t play a part in your holiday.

Holidays are about everyone getting something out of it and enjoying their time. So if you are trying to find a place to go that ticks everyone’s holiday boxes then it is worth reviewing Essaouira in Morocco.

Surfing in Essaouira

I love the fact that we can all surf together here: There is a beginner spot right in front of our centre on the beach, where the waves are smaller and slower. This is perfect for Sami and Leila to pop to their feet and learn their next manoeuvre. Then just to the left the waves are a bit bigger so as we build our confidence we can try the faster waves without having to go to far out of our comfort zone.

Normally Leila will have a lesson with one instructor, Sami and I will have a joint lesson as we are on a different level to Leila. Then for Nasser he can head to second beach (5 mins away by quad) where the waves are for advanced surfers, or just 20 minutes drive you have Le Grotte or Le Current

Even though we might all be at different levels we can all surf at the same time, and are close enough to each other to feel like we are all experiencing it together. Most importantly to cheer and shout as one of us catches an awesome wave. There is nothing like the feeling of riding the wave especially if you are joined on the same wave by your friends or family. Bring it on !

Surf Holidays

We at Explora offer a full range of group, semi private or private lessons, as well as rental or surf trips. We also offer family packages that enable us to tailor the options to suit you and your family.

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