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It seems like Europe is finally opening up and allowing travel to kick start again, we are hoping that Morocco and the rest of the world will also follow soon

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Explora Watersports 25 Jun, 2020

Europe is opening up, we hope Morocco will follow soon

Lockdown has impacted all of us in one way or another; emotionally, financially and time wise. Even if this is just having to move your desk to the dining room. For us personally it has been a bit of a challenge with the business we love grinding to an immediate halt, we also live in Spain and were part of one of the most extreme lockdown measures in Europe. Our two monsters were not allowed out of the house for 8 weeks!

I have however learnt a new level of patience, which I never thought I was capable of, through home schooling and I am super proud of my (Samir’s) science project, and have my fingers crossed to get an A in my maths exam (Leila’s)

We have also finally had the time to teach our kids to kitesurf; Yes, I have stepped away from my computer to stand in a lagoon waiting to catch a kite and just be! This has been incredible, on so many levels. Firstly, being part of our kids journey into kiting and secondly, I have learnt to just enjoy being in the moment, without having a running commentary going through my head of all the things I haven’t done or should be doing.

Despite the unknowns, the ups and downs of our current situation, I hope everyone has managed to have a few or more, positive moments in it as well.

As we are entering the last phase of lockdown with some parts of life already reverting to normal, we hope the rest will follow soon to enable everyone to have the ability to work, prosper and have fun.

We have been lucky enough to grow up in a world where we were encouraged to think and act globally, to travel freely and experience different cultures, people and places and I hope this continues as through travel we learn to connect, relate and have a deeper appreciation for the world and who lives in it.

At Explora we are Positive

At Explora we remain positive, we will come through this stronger, we have a truly amazing team and are lucky to be in a position we can flex and change our offering to suit you as well as any requirements required for safety and hygiene purposes.

After the last few months, I think we all deserve a holiday, being on the beach, in the sunshine doing water sport is the perfect way to build our immune systems and just have a good time.

We have just opened in Tarifa and believe that Essaouira will follow in the next two weeks with the rumour that International travel to and from Morocco will start again from 10th July.

Tarifa is open and waiting for you

For those of you looking to join us in Tarifa nearly all of our favourite restaurants and tapas bars are open for business and the welcoming vibrant town is just the same. It has been heart-warming to watch the town wake up and the buzzy happy place that we know, and love come alive again.

We are pulling together a Tarifa guide to talk you through a few of our recommended places to enjoy breakfast, the best views, sunset mojito, tapas lunch or steak dinner. We will share this in the next few days to give you an in-depth taste of what your holiday will be like in Tarifa.

The beaches are still less busy, which benefits us all, more space to teach kiting and kite freely if you have your own gear or want to rent the kite equipment from us. We have also just launched surfing this summer so are now offering surfing lessons, surf rental and surf trips in Tarifa.

Essaouira we have our fingers crossed it will open from 10th July

For Essaouira, even though there have hardly been any COVID-19 cases in Morocco, they are a few weeks behind Europe. The country has just opened up now internally and the beach finally opens tomorrow for surfing and kiting. You cannot imagine how excited and buzzing the team are to finally be able to head into the water after 3 months. This is the longest time Majid hasn’t been in the water since he was about 9!

We have been preparing our Watersports Centre & Shop on the beach, we have the full range of 2020 Duotone kitesurfing equipment, as well as new Torq  & Limit Wave Surf boards and Rip Curl Wetsuits. We have also updated our lockers, changing room and shower area.

Our Surf House has also had a fresh lick of paint and we have updated the roof terrace with new tables and chill out areas.

All of our favourite cafes, restaurants and beach bars are opening this weekend so the town is coming back to life again. We are also pulling together a detailed Essaouira Guide, to give you an insight into our recommended places to visit in and around Essaouira, as well as our favourite restaurants and the best place to go for a coffee, ice cream or a gallop on the beach!

We will update you all once we have the 100% confirmation as to when Morocco will open for  International travel again. Inshallah soon.

We send you all a big virtual hug and look forward to sharing good times with you in Tarifa and Essaouira.

We look forward to you joining us soon !

Email or Whatsapp or call us for more info. sara@explorawatersports.com  / +44 7738563883 / +34 635559631

Learning to kite with Explora Watersports in Tarifa
Great to have our flag back on the beach in Tarifa
Finally we can head back to the water in Essaouira
Happy Days in Essaouira as we are allowed back to the water