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Windizz! Gooo lagoon and fly with us!

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Explora Watersports 26 Aug, 2017

Relax in a gently warm and reliably windy days? Essaouira is the place for you!

In the Winter time Essaouira turns into a chilled, calm place. The summer tourists disappear and the vibe in town is even more laid back than in the summer months.

On the water, it is calm. There is lots of space to progress your kiting journey, whether you are a beginner kiter or an expert looking to perfect your skills.

Our little lagoon is an amazing place to practice your new freestyle tricks.

On the days that the wind isn’t strong enough to kite we have a great swell in the bay,  it is a very safe spot to learn how to surf. A bit further along the beach are larger waves for more experienced riders.

Surfer' rulezz

Sidi Kaouki, an endless wide beach, is about a 30 min drive away. On the beach itself there are rarely more than a few sun beds and the occasional camel.

For surfing there is a good swell and afterwards there is the perfect place to ‘hang out’ or have a surfers lunch in a traditional, brightly coloured restaurant.

Imsouane, a small fishing village is a superb place for surfing, a 1.5 hour drive to the south.
There are two great spots to surf: "The Point" and "The Bay",  between the two everyone in your party will be catered for; from beginner to advanced surfer. For lunch you can have delicious fresh fish which is brought into the harbour every day. You can choose what you want at the market and go to a BBQ restaurant for it to be cooked for you.

Don’t forget to stroll around the village to explore the hippie surf culture, cafes and surf shops.

Besides kiting and surfing we offer lots of other beach activities:
See the sunset from a camel or galloping on a horse.
Relax doing yoga on the rooftop of our surf house.
Quad biking
Mountain biking and if there’s anything else you would like to do, we can probably arrange the that too!

Away from the beach you can learn how to prepare an authentic Tajine on a Moroccan cookery course and eat it with all your new friends on our surf house rooftop. You could also visit Argan oil co-operative or experience a Hamam.

Don’t forget to leave enough time to explore the Colourful Medina and eat fresh fish in the shacks next to the harbour. seeeeya soon x