Foil boarding Essaouira

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First Foil Boarding in Essaouira

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Explora Watersports 07 Apr, 2017

Everyone in the Explora team were super exited when our friend Nic came to stay and brought his foil board with him. None of the team could remember anyone ever foiling in Essaouira so this is a first !

Nic is a really experienced rider and has been on the water for many years. (too many to remember ! )

A foil board is a special type of board made for light wind conditions, so it’s possible to go out on the water at 5 knots. So, you can enjoy more time on the water as you can go out nearly all the time!

After he setup his foil board he went to the water to give it a try… and he had the whole ocean to himself. We could see he had lots of fun out there and we enjoyed watching him!

Nic's experience

“Essaouira is a great beach to foil as there are no rocks or reefs in the water.
The waves were gentle and it was nice to play with them.”

It also means I can kite all day, I only get one trip away from my family a year so I want to make sure I maximise the opportunities so foiling in the morning before switching to my twin trip of surf board in the afternoon”

What is foil boarding?

A foil board or is a surfboard with a hydrofoil that extends below the board into the water.

Without a doubt the main reason to foil board is the adrenaline rush of flying high speed over the surface of the water.

There is no noise, no chop, and just no resistance that you get with normal kiting