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Ocean Vagabond Dakhla Lassarga

Magic Wave & Windy Lagoon

Ecolodges of Lassarga are arranged on the spot. You just have to get up and walk a few meters to reach the perfect wave of Lassarga. The comfort of these cocoons of intimacy is waiting for you ...


A long dreamed about adventure with a successful outcome, with your bungalow on the spot! Lassarga is a fishing village located in the extreme south of the Dakhla peninsula. The hyphen between the Atlantic Ocean and the lagoon. Forbidden for a long time, this beach has nurtured for many years the fantasies of many surfers. Visible from the plane in the landing phase to Dakhla airport, we all secretly dreamed of this wave behind our portholes on seeing its pure lines and its extraordinary length, winding along the sandy tip and where the wind, totally offshore, makes it glassy and endless. Through will and desire, we are today happy to finally be able to have a project to give free rein to our wandering vision of sport and hospitality. Beach as far as the eye can see where the bands of birds sitting in the water at the return of the fishing boats.

  • All accommodation has its own private terrace and view of the lagoon.
  • Free wifi in the restaurant and bar area in the includes section